Foreigner Denied Entry Opens Fire at Chisinau Airport Killing Two


According to Moldovan Interior Ministry, a foreign citizen who was denied entry into Moldova, has opened fire at the country’s main international airport in the capital city of Chisinau.

A suspected gunman killed at least two people, including a law-enforcement officer, before being apprehended by the police.

According to some unconfirmed reports, the suspect was a Russian national who took hostages and holed himself up in a room, as the building was evacuated.

A police source said the suspected gunman had flown in from Turkey and had seized a gun from a border police officer after being taken to an area to be barred entry. He had then opened fire.

All flights in and out of Chisinau Interntional Airport have been grounded.

Moldova’s Special Forces Police Brigade (BDPS) “Fulger” has been dispatched to the scene of the shooting and managed to neutralize the attacker, the Moldovan interior ministry said in a statement.

“We confirm the existence of two victims,” the ministry said, without revealing their identities.

Local media reported that a police officer and an airport guard were shot by the assailant. Some media also reported that the guard was in serious condition.

According to the ministry, the suspect was injured during the apprehension and is receiving medical aid.

“At this moment the danger has been eliminated. The aggressor was wounded and is being treated,” police said on Facebook.

Moldova’s government spokesman Daniel Voda told Moldovan TV: “All measures have been taken to bring the situation back to normal. Law enforcers will continue to ensure security and public order at the airport.”

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