Will Chinese spare parts save desperate Russian airlines?

According to Chinese Ambassador to Russia, China “is ready” to provide Chinese-made spare parts for Boeing and Airbus aircraft operated by Russian airlines.

Boeing and Airbus stopped servicing planes operated by Russian airlines after the US and EU imposed severe economic sanctions on Russia over its unprovoked aggression against Ukraine.

Any leasing and supply of aircraft to Russia is banned, and all exports of goods and parts for the country’s aviation sector are prohibited under Western sanctions.

The embargo sparked fears that the majority of Russia’s civil aviation fleet would be grounded within months.

Chinese companies had refused to supply Russian airlines with aircraft parts earlier in March, due to concerns for possible sanctions from the United States. 

Now, it appears that China is willing to offer lifeline to Russian airlines, at least, according to its envoy to Moscow.

“We are ready to supply spare parts to Russia, we will set up the cooperation. Now, [airlines] are working [on this], they have certain channels, there are no restrictions on the part of China,” Chinese Ambassador Zhang Hanhui reportedly said.

Russia also vowed to increase reliance on its substandard domestically-built Sukhoi Superjet airliner and start producing aircraft parts in the country.

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