10 common airport mistakes that are costing you money 1

10 common airport mistakes that are costing you money

  • It’s important to remember that many airports charge travelers for phone charging points.
  • Make sure to pack your own snacks ahead of the flight to save money for use when you reach your destination.
  • Get your currency exchanged in plenty of time before you arrive at the airport for your trip.

With many of us heading off on our first international trip in a very long time, the travel experts have revealed the 10 common airport mistakes that are costing you money on your trip.

1. Getting a taxi

While getting a taxi to the airport might seem convenient, taxi trips to the airport are always expensive, especially at peak times. To keep costs down, make sure to pre-book an airport transfer, that way you’re not just sitting watching the meter go up! Alternatively, check to see if there are buses which run to the airport, as these are cheaper and better for the environment.

2. Forgetting your refillable water bottle

While it may seem a small thing to remember to pack, forgetting to take an empty, refillable water bottle through security could cost you in the long run. In general, airport shops are much more expensive to operate, therefore the prices are usually higher. 

Most airports have free water stations where you can fill your bottle once you pass security. By taking your reusable bottle, you’re not only saving money but you’re also doing your bit for the environment. 

3. Parking at the airport

A lot of people opt for parking at the airport because they think it’s close and convenient. However, airport parking is expensive, and in some cases, airport parking can even cost more than your plane ticket. 

Not only is it expensive, but your car may not be very secure, as it’s left outside to face the elements, and there have been many documented cases of cars coming back damaged. 

You can save time and money by looking into the different park, sleep and fly options. These allow you to safely park your car at the hotel for the duration of your trip, stay at the hotel the night before and also shuttle you back and forth from the airport. Opting for a park, sleep fly option gives you a much more competitive rate for your parking.

4. Not planning ahead

We all know airports can get busy, with slow-moving security lines and other delays, so it is important to plan your journey to the airport and give yourself plenty of time before your flight.

By not leaving yourself enough time to get to the airport, check-in and get past security, you run the risk of missing your flight. This is especially costly if you’ve booked with an airline that doesn’t offer refunds. 

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