4 people killed in Czech Republic and France plane crashes

  • Light-engine plane crashed in Czech Republic today.
  • Two people on board the plane died in crash.
  • Two people were also killed in plane crash in France

Two people were killed in the crash of a light-engine sports plane near the town of Kladno near Prague in the Czech Republic.

The crash was reported on Saturday, September 4, by the representative of the Czech police Lucia Novotna.

“Two people died in a plane crash of a sports plane near the town of Kladno,” the police official said.

The crash happened just a little after 14:00 (2pm) Central European Time.

Czech police are currently investigating the causes of the incident.

Earlier on the same day, a light-engine plane crashed into the highway in northern France commune of Voignarou. Two people were also killed in that crash.

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