63 Canadians killed in US Iran standoff considered collateral damage?

While Iranian missiles attack U.S. airbases in Iraq and the world was waiting for the United States to launch an attack on Iran, Ukrainian International Airlines Flight  PS752  was preparing for their flight 752 to take off from Teheran to Kyiv. While international aviation above Iranian skies came to a halt and declared a no-fly zone by many authorities,  Ukraine officials did not think there was a reason to delay their flight. This decision eventually contributed to 9 of their crew, and 167 airline passengers to lose their lives on Tuesday.

No American servicemen were killed in the recent attack by Iran on two US Airbases in Iraq. However, 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians,  10 Swedish, 4 Afghan, 3 German and 3 British nationals may now be considered collateral damage when they were killed flying on Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752 from Teheran to Kyiv.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau wants answers and promised his country Canada will play a big role, so the truth would come out when 138 passengers on their way from Iran to Canada were killed on a Ukrainian International Airline B737 aircraft minutes after taking off from Teheran International Airport.

The 63 faces of Canadians killed on this aircraft were releases by CBS today.

When the Ukrainian Aircraft took off in the mids of this tense situation it may have become an unintended target for the Russian build missile that hit the plane when climbing through 8000 feet over the Iranian Capital City.

Ukrainian International Airline (UIA) officials told the world we have no responsibility and our planes are safe: The company’s airline CEO Dykhne denied that UIA had any reason to expect problems. “I guarantee that all of our planes are fit to fly,” he said.

According to Dykhne, the Boeing 737-800 plane that crashed was brand-new, purchased in 2016 directly from the manufacturer. Its last service test was conducted on Jan. 6.

Iranian citizens are devastated by this development as is the rest of the civilized world. Iranian authorities, however, insist the crash was due to a mechanical failure, but are not allowing Boeing to investigate.

US officials say they believe the Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 737-800 was hit by a missile, CBS says. Ukraine earlier said it was examining whether a missile strike brought down the aircraft – but Iran ruled this out.

Spy satellite evidence suggests Ukraine International Airlines passenger airliner was likely shot down by mistake by Iranian anti-aircraft missiles in Iran, US intel officials assert.

The US President Trump tweeted: “How have they came to the conclusion shooting down the plane was a mistake. My Bet is it was deliberate. You just don’t make mistakes like that.”

The tragic crash of a civilian aircraft shows everyone in the world how war leads to heart-wrenching unintended consequences. 

The tragic crash of a civilian aircraft shows everyone in the world how war leads to heart-wrenching unintended consequences.  We need a president who understands this. Dump Trump 2020″, was the angry response by a Democratic party leader.