After a Japan Airlines fall at Tokyo Haneda Airport, 379 people are protected.

After a fall landing on Tuesday night at Tokyo Haneda aircraft, the Japan Airlines Airbus 350 flight is seen engulfed in flames. The plane then collided with another Japan Coast Guard aircraft. The aircraft’s serial range isJA13XJ.
A magic only occurred at Tokyo Haneda Airport, according to a representative.
At Haneda Airport, a Chinese Coast Guard plane may have collided with Japan Airlines Flight JL 516 from Shin Chitose, close to Sapporo, Hokkaido. According to reports, every single one of the 400 passengers on board this crowded private JL flight was safely evacuated.
According to another unsubstantiated release. ( approx ) All passengers. 400 passengers from the Japan Airlines aircraft have disembarked at Haneda Airport.
The airports fire department is on the field, working valiantly to put out the fires.
At Tokyo Haneda Airport, a Japan Airlines aircraft is on fire. phot. Cole Cameron ( @colecameron ) on as of January 2, 2024
It appears that some flight functions at Haneda airport are still going on despite the crash and a massive flames. A Japan Airlines crew said:” I do n’t think that one’s going to be taking to the skies again!” after every passenger had managed to flee. One of the two international flights serving the Greater Tokyo Area is Haneda Airport, which is also known as Narita International Airport and is formally referred to as Tokyo International airport.
Flames can be seen during getting at Tokyo’s Haneda airport in terrifying images taken inside a# Japan Airlines planes. Surajit ( @surajit_ghosh2 ) on January 2, 2024,
On the airport of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, a Japan Airlines plane that had just landed and caught fire is being watched by people as they flee. On the tarmac picture, it is said to have collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft. Al Jazeera English ( @AJEnglish ) January 2, 2024,
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. is the national airline of Japan and is headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Along with Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport in Osaka, the airline has its main operating facilities at Narita International and Haneda Airports in Tokyo.
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SOURCE: 379 individuals are healthy following the crash of Japan Airlines at Tokyo Haneda Airport. 

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