AI is used by Qatar Airways trip staff to get to know each customer.

The Qatar Airways Crew is interested in learning as much as they can about each passenger on board its plane. It could n’t get any trendier to achieve this.
The airport is equipping its flight attendants with artificial intelligence technology so they can better understand each passenger, discover their preferences, and, at the very least, find out whether they are frequent flyers with this Doha-based carrier or with one of its One World partner airlines.
This mobile device is used by flight attendants to add, satisfy, and provide the more touch for which the airline gained notoriety.
The management of Qatar Airways intends to give the firm’s global trip crew 15, 000 of these devices in January.
The airline will carry out the new job in many aspects. The development will involve international flights and seats as well as Hamad International Airport. It aims to take into account the travel plans and requirements of customers at all points of contact.
The fresh CEO of Qatar Airways Group, Engr. Badr. The fact that Mohammed Al Meer’s airline has emerged as the most cutting-edge, high-tech five-star flight in the aviation industry seems to make him happy.
Most likely, Qatar Airways is hoping that this system will enable it to attend to customers ‘ needs and prevent unfavorable encounters and customer reviews.
By collaborating with Google Cloud, Qatar Airways has advanced significantly in its modern change this year. The partnership aims to look into artificial intelligence and data analytics solutions that may enhance user experience and support sustainability initiatives.
SOURCE: AI is used by Qatar Airways journey staff to get to know each customer. 

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