Air Canada reaches agreement with Teamsters

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has reached an agreement in principle with Air Canada, the largest passenger carrier in Canada. The agreement covers over 700 customer service representatives, reservation assistants, air cargo workers and other employees at the company’s U.S. base of operations.

“I’m extremely proud of our members at Air Canada,” said Capt. David Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division. “These workers were engaged and united throughout the process of collective bargaining, and their hard work paid off in a big way.”

“I’d like to thank the negotiating committee for all of their hard work at the table,” said Bob Fisher, Airline Division International Representative. “Thanks to their diligent efforts, we were able to draft a collective bargaining agreement that improves compensation and working conditions for these workers while also ensuring that the company will maintain its status as the premier passenger carrier of Canada.”

Negotiations were completed less than two weeks after the agreement became amendable, an extremely quick turnaround for a union contract in the airline industry. The union will work with the company to finalize the agreement and determine the final contract language that will go to the membership. Details on the ratification vote will be forthcoming within the next two weeks.