Air Italy: New winter flights

The updating program of Air Italy is related to the Milan Malpensa-New York route, adding a Saturday frequency and modifying the departure time, with the aim of optimizing schedules and connectivity with the domestic flights via Milan Malpensa.

The program has been modified to offer more convenient connections via Milan. Also, next winter 2019/20, the company has announced that it will fly to Maldives, Tenerife, Mombasa, and Zanzibar.

In particular, the departure time from Malpensa both for connections to Zanzibar and for Mombasa, as already planned also for the direct flight to Male, is expected in the late evening. This will allow the Italian customers to enjoy a more relaxing night flight, arriving in the famous destinations in the morning, ready to fully enjoy their first day of vacation.

“We continue to develop our network and innovate the product, seizing every opportunity to offer customers the best options, whether it be flight times, departure days or other elements of the overall experience,” said Rossen Dimitrov, chief operating officer of Air Italy. “These innovations reflect our ambition to offer our passengers more flexibility and more time to enjoy the destinations.”

This coming winter ’19/20 also, for the first time on leisure connections, such as Maldives, Mombasa and Zanzibar, passengers will have the opportunity to fly on the new Air Italy Business Class, which will be launched on the entire fleet this summer.