Air Partner comment on anticipated British Airways strike

Ahead of the anticipated British Airways strike later this summer, Kevin Macnaughton, Managing Director, Charter, at global aviation services group Air Partner, had this to say:

“We expect to see an increase in enquiries for our private jet services from clients who are likely to be affected by delays or cancellations caused by the proposed British Airways strikes, whether travelling for business or leisure. We usually experience higher demand from our JetCard clients due to the ease with which they can use the pre-paid card to get them where they need to go at short notice.

“The destinations we anticipate the most demand for are short haul European destinations, as travellers look to keep their family holidays on time and on track.

“Any strikes will have far less impact on private jet flyers, as they can fly into a number of smaller airfields across the world where there is less traffic. Even those who do have to use the main hubs will enter through a separate terminal, and so will not suffer the same delays and overcrowding as passengers using schedules services.

“Yet, even when there is no planned disruption, you can still expect long queues and delays when traveling during peak travel season on scheduled services. By flying privately with Air Partner, travellers can fly to the most convenient airports at the time that works best for them, in both style and comfort.”