Air Samarkand of Uzbekistan is Prepared for Turkey, South East Asia, and China Airlines

After receiving the Air Operator Certificate ( AOC ) from the Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA ) of the Uzbekistan Ministry of Transport, Air Samarkand is now closer to starting charter flights and scheduled services.
According to the news, the airline complies with the nation’s aviation rules and global security standards as required by the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation. This assurance follows a thorough assessment of the firm’s professional documents, equipment, plane systems, flight preparations, and the qualifications of its flight and ground staff by inspectors from the Uzbekistan Ministry of Transport.
The CEO of Air Samarkand thanked the Ministry of Transport and the UzAviation Agency for carefully assessing their flight preparation. According to him, Air Samarkand is getting closer to starting services out of the extraordinary and ancient town. All is set for this step and all preparations have been finished.
The International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ) has provided the airline with its own” UZS” code as well as the” Samarkand” radio call sign.
The chief executive of Air Samarkand claims that over the past year, the airline has properly developed its business plan while also putting together a capable aircraft and cabin crew as well as an experienced airline leadership team. Offering customers a first-rate in-flight knowledge is the goal. As it expands, Air Samarkand plans to quickly offer protected, strong, and top-notch services to a growing number of Asian and European cities.
Air Samarkand intends to launch its businesses by providing charter flights from Uzbekistan’s second-largest town. Following this, they will launch regular companies in the spring, connecting to a number of well-known locations, including Turkey, locations in south-east Asia, China, and more. Also, Air Samarkand wants to establish connections with well-known European cities within the first year of operations in order to broaden its reach.
Air Samarkand has now started growing its ships by acquiring a amazing collection of modern, safe, and fuel-efficient Airbus aircraft. The Airbus A330- 300, the company’s first long-haul wide-bodied aircraft, as well as an A321 narrow-body airliner for quick and medium-height flights, were delivered to Air Samarkand in the previous fortnight.
SOURCE: Air Samarkand of Uzbekistan is prepared for planes to Turkey, South East Asia, and China. 

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