Airberlin starts off the spring with stable capacity utilization

BERLIN, Germany – Despite a capacity reduction of 5.7 percent in March 2016, airberlin’s capacity utilization rate (RPK/ASK) showed only a slight decrease of 1 percentage point to 85.4 percent in comparison with the corresponding month of the previous year. airberlin’s accumulated capacity utilization rate increased by 0.1 percentage points to 83.4 percent in yearly comparison.

The decrease in the number of airberlin’s world-wide passengers by 6.7 percent to 2,141,898 passengers is likewise comparatively low when compared to the capacity-related reduction by 5.7 percent to 2,664,042 seats, and therefore also remained at a stable level.

airberlin’s passengers travelled a total of 3.513 billion kilometers (RPK) within airberlin’s global flight route network, which corresponds to a decrease of 6.8 percent in yearly comparison.

Stefan Pichler, CEO of airberlin, said: “Contrary to the general trend in the market, we have kept our capacity utilization virtually stable from last month. This development is a positive signal and shows that we are able to maintain our position in a volatile market environment marked by events such as those in Brussels.”

March 2016

Capacity 2,664,042 (-5.7%)
Number of passengers 2,141,898 (-6.7%)
ASK in millions 4,111 (-5.7%)
RPK in millions 3,513 (-6.8%)
Capacity utilization rate in % 85.4 (-1.0 pp)

accumulated, 2016

Capacity 7,040,210 (-5.9%)
Number of passengers 5,416,618 (-6.8%)
ASK in millions 10,978 (-7.2%)
RPK in millions 9,151 (-7.0%)
Capacity utilization rate in % 83.4 (+0.1 pp)