Airbus: 381 aircraft orders so far in 2020 1

Airbus: 381 aircraft orders so far in 2020

Airbus’ 2020 gross orders totaled 381 aircraft by 30th November, with net orders of 297. The Company registered no new orders during November 2020.

Airbus delivered a total of 64 aircraft in November to 31 customers. These included the first A320neo to Sky Express. Total number of deliveries for 2020 stands at 477 deliveries to 80 customers. 

Airbus’ backlog of aircraft remaining to be delivered as of 30th November stood at 7,302 comprising 494 A220s, 5,956 A320 Family aircraft (including 5,904neo Family), 312 A330s (including 279 A330neo Family), 532 A350 XWBs and eight A380.

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