Airline suing passenger who threw “good luck” coins into plane’s engine

Chinese airline has filed a lawsuit against a passenger who threw coins into the engine of the airplane “for good luck”.

As the passenger admitted that he threw the coins into the engine of Lucky Air’s aircraft because of the superstition, common in China, which says that throwing coins before important events brings good luck and well-being. By doing so, the 28-year-old man wanted to secure a safe flight for himself and his family.

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Because of the passenger’s action, the flight was canceled, and the airline suffered a loss of 140,000 yuan (about $21,000). The police, who arrived at the airport, arrested a man who had endangered the lives of 162 passengers on the plane. Lucky Air has sued the superstitious passenger.

Throwing any objects into the engine of an aircraft is extremely dangerous, it puts all passengers at risk, as the engine may lose speed and stall during the flight, which will be a disaster.