Airlines put Christmas crackers on their Naughty List

Airlines put Christmas crackers on their Naughty List

British Christmas travelers wishing to take the festivities of home abroad with them this December, should approach with caution when packing this Christmas must-have – the Christmas Cracker. Travel experts have researched into the airline policies for flying with Christmas crackers, uncovering that over two thirds of the most popular airlines have a strict no-cracker rule on board. The research compared the policies of 27 popular airlines such as RyanAir, Emirates, Flybe and Aer Lingus.

Thankfully, Christmas is a time of giving and British Airways, Qantas and easyJet are among the airlines that have embraced the festive spirit by allowing flyers to pack two boxes of Christmas Crackers in their checked luggage as long as they are contained within their original packaging and sealed shut. Similarly, Virgin Atlantic asks that passengers stick to these rules and only carry one box of crackers per passenger.

Christmas flyers heading to the US should note that crackers are banned on all airlines flying to the destination including Delta, United, American Airlines and British Airways in hand and checked luggage. Passengers traveling to any destination with luxury crackers should also be wary when returning home as some cracker surprises, such as scissors, will need to be packed in checked luggage (dependent on their size). Finally, a word of warning for craft enthusiasts, homemade crackers are completely banned with all the airlines.

Other Christmas essentials that can be found on airline’s naughty lists include snow globes, champagne, brandy butter and cheese boards. All of these festive indulgences should be packed in hold luggage. Also, flyers are advised to not travel with already wrapped gifts as they may need to be unwrapped by airport security staff.

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