All Russian airports to be checked for compliance with environmental regulations

Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources, the country’s environmental watchdog, plans to inspect all airports across Russian Federation for compliance with environmental regulations in the wake of Sheremetyevo Airport’s discharge of untreated wastewater into a brook that flows into the Klyazma river, the watchdog’s head Svetlana Radionova said.

“We understand what noise background is and what contamination caused by oil and aviation kerosene is, and what wastewater discharges into the soil, water, and atmosphere are. Through Sheremetyevo’s example, where an inspection was conducted, we are aware of the acute situation with deicing fluid and what risks it implies. All that is very serious,” Radionova stated.

“Our concern is not just limited to the capital city’s air hub, therefore, we plan to conduct inspections at all airports throughout Russia this year and next year. We are currently coordinating the schedules with the Prosecutor’s Office,” she specified.

The Moscow Region’s Ministry of Ecology and Nature Management earlier imposed a fine of 90,000 rubles ($1,428) on Sheremetyevo Airport for the disposal of wastewater into a brook emptying into the Klyazma river. An environmental inspection of the creek revealed that the maximum acceptable concentrations of suspended substances, phenols, oil products, nitrogen and iron compounds had gone beyond the limit there.