Alliance Air Appoints First Woman CEO

Harpreet Singh has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Air, a subsidiary of Air India (AI).

She becomes the first woman to head an Indian airline.

Harpreet Singh was Executive Director of Air India looking after flight safety, an area she has specialized in. She will be replaced for this post by Captain Nivedita Bhasin. Harpreet joined Air India in 1988 as one of the first women to join the line.

She was the first woman pilot to be selected by Air India in 1988. Harpreet also heads the Indian Women Pilots’ Association, although she could not fly because of health reasons.

The percentage of women pilots in India is more than double that of the global average, according to data from the International Society of Women Airline Pilots in 2018, so it is no surprise that India has the highest percentage of women airline pilots in the country.

While it has been rumored, Alliance Air is not likely to be sold out along with Air India. Some of the Air India’s aircraft will be transferred to Alliance Air in the form of old Boeing 747s. Currently, Alliance Air has a fleet of turboprops.


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