Avelo Airlines One of America's Most Reliable Airlines
Avelo Airlines One of America's Most Reliable Airlines

Avelo Airlines One of America’s Most Reliable Airlines

Avelo Airlines is entering the new year as one of the most dependable airlines in America, leveraging an 85% increase in customer expansion during 2023.

In 2023, Avelo had the lowest flight cancellation rate in the U.S. airline industry and achieved the second-best on-time performance. Anuvu’s analysis included all 12 U.S. mainline airlines that provide scheduled service.

Avelo Airlines’ Founder, Chairman, and CEO Andrew Levy expressed optimism about Avelo’s prospects in 2024. Levy acknowledged the positive impact of the company’s commitment to operational excellence, emphasizing significant improvements in flight reliability during 2023. He lauded Avelo’s industry-leading reliability and expressed pride in the smooth and convenient travel experience provided to customers last year. Looking ahead, Levy anticipated an even stronger performance in 2024, building upon the success of the company’s best and busiest year to date.

2023 Industry-Leading Reliability

Avelo, in 2023, had the lowest flight cancellation rate among US airlines at 0.18%. The industry average for flight cancellations in 2023 was 1.3%, with Alaska Airlines having the second-best rate at 0.71%. Avelo showed a significant improvement in its flight cancellation rate from 0.85% in 2022, which was the second lowest in the industry that year.

In 2023, 82.8% of Avelo flights arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time, meeting the Department of Transportation’s on-time performance standard known as A14. Avelo ranked second, with Delta Air Lines leading at 83.1%. This marked a significant improvement from 2022, when Avelo ranked fourth with a 78.0% on-time performance rate. The industry average for on-time arrival rate in 2023 was 77.7%.