Baby Boomers are embracing adventure travel 1

Baby Boomers are embracing adventure travel

OneTravel has released the top destinations Baby Boomers over the age of 60 are traveling to this spring. The booking data shows the top domestic and international destinations Boomers are jet-setting to, along with unique trends for this age group, and the average cost of plane tickets this spring.

While Boomers continue to travel to more traditional vacation spots for retirees like Orlando, Florida and Cancun, Mexico, booking data shows they are getting more adventurous this year, by heading to up-and-coming destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and Peru.

European cities appear to be the most appealing international choice for Boomers with seven cities making it into the top 20 this year. Select European gateways have seen significant price decreases year over year which may be contributing to their increase in popularity. According to OneTravel’s data, flights to Paris are 19% cheaper, flights to Dublin are 14% cheaper, and flights to Rome are 12% cheaper than in 2017.

Domestically, Boomers continue to frequent warm weather destinations such as Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Top 20 Most Popular Spring Break Destinations for Boomers in 2018

Domestic Destinations Average Airfare International Destinations Average Airfare

Orlando, FL $276 Cancun, Mexico $443
New York, NY $265 Tel Aviv, Israel $1,034
Las Vegas, NV $276 Bangkok, Thailand $826
Ft. Lauderdale, FL $265 Barcelona, Spain $703
Houston, TX $289 London, England $748
Phoenix, AZ $330 Toronto, Canada $296
Chicago, IL $240 Mexico City, Mexico $357
Tampa, FL $288 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico $470
Washington, D.C. $268 San Jose del Cabo, Mexico $452
Los Angeles $271 Dublin, Ireland $741
Fort Myers, FL $339 Guadalajara, Mexico $356
Miami, FL $305 Oranjestad, Aruba $595
Denver, CO $256 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam $822
Honolulu, HI $694 Rome, Italy $822
San Francisco, CA $300 Amsterdam, Netherlands $759
San Diego, CA $307 Paris, France $665
New Orleans $337 Madrid, Spain $739
Dallas, TX $262 Vancouver, Canada $372
Boston, MA $262 Lima, Peru $652
Seattle, WA $304 San Jose, Costa Rica $517

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