Baggage liability limits increase for airline passengers

Starting December 28, 2019, limits of liability of the Montreal Convention will increase. Based on this rise, air passengers who travel internationally will now have the right to compensation for damages for lost or damaged baggage of up to 1,288 Special Drawing Rights (the International Monetary Fund’s unit of accounting) or approximately CAN $2,300.

Airline international obligations for lost, damaged or delayed baggage are set out in Montreal Convention, a treaty that has the force of law for most international carriage to and from Canada.

As the CTA’s Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR) apply the same baggage rules and liability limits as those set out in the Montreal Convention, all airlines offering domestic services are required to update their liability limits in their tariffs to up to $2,300.

The APPR stipulate airlines’ obligations on communication, denied boarding, tarmac delays, lost or damaged baggage, the transportation of musical instruments, flight disruptions and the seating of children. The regulations provide for clearer and more consistent air passenger rights by imposing certain minimum airline requirements in air travel – including standards of treatment and, in some situations, compensation for passengers.