Belavia cancels Belgrade, Budapest, Chisinau and Tallinn flights due to EU and Ukraine flight ban

  • Belavia cancels its regular flights to Belgrade, Serbia
  • Belavia cancels its regular flights to Budapest, Hungary
  • Belavia cancels its regular flights to Chisinau, Moldova

Troubled Belarusian national flag carrier Belavia announced on its website today that it has canceled its regular flights to Belgrade, Serbia, Budapest, Hungary and Chisinau, Moldova from May 29 through June 30 (for the time being) because it had been banned by the European Union and Ukraine from using their airspace.

“Due to the ban by EU and Ukrainian aviation authorities to use the airspace and the impossibility to perform flights, regular service to Belgrade, Budapest, Chisinau is suspended for the period from May 29, 2021, to June 30, 2021,” Belavia’s statement said.

Belavia also said that it is “calculating possible route variants for regular and charter flights affected by the introduced restrictions in order to determine their viability.”

The airline announced that in order to detour the airspace of several countries, regular flights to Istanbul and Larnaca would follow an altered schedule.

Belavia also canceled all flights to Tallinn, Estonia from May 28 through August 28.

On Monday, following Belarus state-sponsored hijacking of a Ryanair flight, EU leaders decided to block Belarusian airlines from landing at EU airports and flying over the EU, also advising European carriers to suspend flights in the country’s airspace.

A number of countries have already closed their airspace to the Belarusian air carrier, including the UK, France, Latvia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia.