Boeing 737 MAX Generation Development is prohibited by FAA

On January 5, Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, which was traveling from Portland, Oregon, to California, had to turn around and land in an evacuation. This was caused by a entry panel being torn away, exposing passengers to the elements. The US Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) decided to ground 171 Boeing 737- 9 MAX aircraft for extensive inspections even though there were no serious injuries. Boeing has admitted their mistake.
Due to worries about passenger safety, the US national regulator has now temporarily stopped Boeing from increasing the production of its 737 MAX airplane as a result of that incident.
Following the incident in Portland, at least two airlines have expressed safety concerns about free bolts, including Boeing, the FAA, and operating heat businesses.
The US Federal Aviation Administration stressed monday how crucial it is to stop related incidents from happening in the future. Boeing received a message from the FAA informing them that no Potential production expansion, including that of the 737- 9MAX, may be permitted. All grounded aircraft will also go through extensive supervision procedures before being authorized for services once more.
According to FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker, Boeing should n’t anticipate a return to normal operations, and the organization will not accept any requests for increased production or the construction of more 737 MAX production lines until the federal authorities are certain that the identified quality control issues have been fully resolved.
According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, in order to implement improved maintenance procedures, specific bolts would need to be examined, any irregularities would be fixed, and numerous aircraft components would undergo in-depth visual inspections. The FAA recently stated that it intended to increase the number of staff carrying out thorough analyses of Boeing’s production and manufacturing procedures.
After the fatal crashes in Ethiopia ( 2019 ) and Indonesia ( 2018 ), which claimed the lives of 346 people, Boeing experienced a spike in groundings and safety inspections of its aircraft in the past. These dreadful events resulted in a 20-month suspension of 737 MAX airplane activities. FAA Bans Boeing 737 MAX Generation Development, according to SOURCE: eTurboNews |ETN 

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