Boeing announces the sale of aeroplane to Biman Bangladesh Airlines: US Ambassador

Boeing, the world’s largest aviation company, has made a plan to sell its aviation to Biman Bangladesh Airlines, which is an important development for the airline.
At the secretary in the nation’s capital, US Ambassador Peter Haas and Civil Aviation Minister Mohammad Faruk Khan met to make the news.
Boeing’s interest in taking part in an open purchasing contest has been confirmed by Ambassador Haas. ” Boeing has made a request to Biman Bangladesh Airlines to sell new plane.” After the meeting, he told reporters,” We want Boeing to be able to participate in the purchasing process and that it is done through a transparent competition.”
The plan was enthusiastically embraced by Minister Khan, who emphasized the US’s wish to see more Boeing aircraft in the Biman ship. He did, however, stress that a number of components, including financial and technical ones, may be taken into account when making the choice. Khan assured,” We did purchase aircraft from either Boeing or Airbus, whichever is advantageous for Bangladesh.”
In response to questions about the resumed direct flights between Dhaka and New York, Minister Khan brought up ongoing IAC ( ICAO ) audits at the Bangladeshi Civil Aviation Authority. The recovery of clear air connectivity between the two destinations is seen as dependent upon the completion of these assessments.
Minister Khan also emphasized the US and Bangladesh’s pledge to work together as partners to develop the nation ‘ hospitality and aircraft areas, which suggests a bright future for bilateral cooperation in these fields. Boeing approves the sales of aviation to Biman Bangladesh Airlines, according to the US embassy, via eTurboNews. 

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