Boeing Exec: Chinese C919″ Okay,” 737 Max” Safest” in Market.

At the most recent international aviation occasion, one of Boeing’s top executives declared that the Boeing 737 Max passenger plane is by far the” safest plane” currently on the market.
The 737 Max 9, which is currently being investigated for a flight tragedy, is the most thoroughly examined aircraft in aircraft history, according to Dave Schulte, business marketing managing director for the Asia-Pacific region of Boeing, who spoke to reporters at the Singapore Airshow. Media outlets reported that Schulte had recently traveled with his family on a 737 Max and that the journey was fully booked.
Boeing decided not to display any professional plane at the Singapore Airshow in light of the mid-flight blow incident involving the aircraft part of a 737 Max 9 aircraft in January. As a result, due to worries about passenger safety, the US Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) has placed several restrictions on 737 MAX jets, temporarily preventing Boeing from increasing production.
Schulte responded that the aircraft is comparable to current offerings on the market when questioned about China’s most recent regional passenger jet, the C919, which made its first flight outside of China at the display on Sunday. His comments are in line with those of Christian Scherer, the CEO of Airbus’s commercial aircraft division, who also noted this week that the C919 is n’t all that different from what the company and Boeing already provide. Scherer acknowledged that the C919 is a legitimate attempt by China to compete in the market, which is large enough to accommodate competition, but said the Chinese jet wo n’t significantly disrupt the industry.
According to information released during the current show, China’s Tibet Airlines has actually placed an order for 40 narrow-body planes from Comac, the state-owned manufacturer of the C919 plane.
According to Chinese aviation experts, the Comac aircraft has the ability to become a formidable rival to Boeing and Airbus ‘ long-standing business aviation dominance. Researchers at Northcoast Research believe that Comac will benefit from the ongoing problems with Boeing, especially the 737 Max.
Following prior situations that put the company in a challenging place ten years ago, Boeing, the top American aerospace company, has had to deal with more 737 MAX groundings and health checks. These incidents involved plane crashes in Indonesia ( 2018 ) and Ethiopia ( 2018 ), which tragically claimed the lives of 346 people. The Boeing 737 MAX airplane had to be grounded as a result for 20 times. SOURCE: Boeing Exec: 737 Max” Safest” in Market, Chinese C919″ OK” BY: “eTurboNews |eTN” 

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