Chase and Marriott: Passion and purpose are driving travel 1

Chase and Marriott: Passion and purpose are driving travel

Memorial Day weekend and summer adventures are right around the corner. Chase teamed up with Marriott to conduct a survey that uncovered key travel stats.

Here are some key findings:

More than 96% of Americans think it’s important to align their travel plans with their personal passions

• 78% say travel allows them to experience the diversity and cultures of new places
• Of the various experiences people plan to have when on a passion trip:
o 70% are interested in eating local cuisine
o 58% want to explore local landmarks or environments
o 54% want to experience a new culture

81% want their travel activities to fulfill a purpose in their life

• 62% of consumers feel like travel allows them to connect with their inner self
• 70% create new connections with loved ones through travel
• 45% say the purpose they travel is to fulfill a significant dream they’ve had for a long time

And travel has benefits that last beyond the trip…

• 76% agree traveling helps them get out of their comfort zone
• 67% are reminded to use their instincts while traveling
• 77% agree traveling has given them a chance to learn from others whose life experiences are different
• 70% agree travel allows them to better understand other people’s points of view

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