Cobrex Trans airline chooses Perugia "San Francesco d'Assisi" Airport for its operation 1

Cobrex Trans airline chooses Perugia “San Francesco d’Assisi” Airport for its operation

The management of SASE SpA – International Airport of Perugia “San Francesco d’Assisi” – based in the Umbria Region – is on the organizing finish of the operational launch of the Romanian airline, Cobrex Trans.

The new air carrier’s inaugural flights are scheduled from mid-June and will serve the destinations of Bucharest (Romania), Trapani and Cagliari (Italy), and from the summer months the routes to and from Barcelona (Spain) and Brindisi (Italy).

The foundation of Cobrex, based in Suceava (Romania) dates back to 1994 as a helicopter operation company, of which it had a large fleet. The company holds a COA (operating system certificate) including all the European licenses needed to fly in Italy. At present it owns a fleet of two B-737-300s.

Cobrex Trans will position at “San Francesco d’Assisi” Airport – one of its B-737-300s, with a 148-seat configuration and will schedule its air services from June 14, 2018 to Bucharest with two weekly flights on Tuesday and Friday and to Trapani on Wednesday and Saturday. The Cagliari flights currently operating from Tuesday and Friday will increase to four weekly frequencies with the addition of Wednesday and Saturday in the pick months. From July, Barcelona adds frequencies on Tuesday and Friday, and Brindisi on Wednesday and Saturday. The Cobrex on-board catering services provides hot meals on the long-haul flights and a multi-language on-board staff.

The air fares are proposed on three different levels based on the length of the route: medium, medium-short, and domestic. The hold baggage allowance is 20 kg and 7 kg for hand luggage.

Petru Stefan Runcan, the company’s Route Developer, said: “Cobrex strongly believes in the Umbrian catchment area for its tourist, religious, and industrial vocation, as well as for the presence in the region of excellent centers of gastronomy; this is why one of the B-737 will be based in Perugia available to the needs of tourism and industrial operators. This is a great opportunity for local companies that will have the opportunity to rent it, avoiding expensive empty-legs to fly aircrafts from other airports to Perugia.”

Ernesto Cesaretti, President of SASE, gave positive comments to the Cobrex operation that will restore domestic and international routes and open long-lasting collaboration for the airport of Umbria and its territory.

The background of Cobrex Trans

A meeting with Dr. U. Solimeno Director and Accountable Manager revealed the background of Cobrex.

“The founders of Cobrex are a chief pilot and a civilian transport helicopter instructor. In 2017, the Romanian company started operating a B-737 branded Air France and Alitalia, to which the second B-737-500 was added in 2017.

“Hence came the decision of Cobrex to commercialize its own brand on scheduled and charter services. Cobrex participated in the call from the airport of Perugia for the positioning of an aircraft to operate on 5 new destinations – Barcelona, Bucharest, Trapani, Cagliari, and Brindisi – to ensure operational planning of 3 years with a yearly operating turnover of 2.5 million euros per year. The charter services available on demand are currently operating on Egypt and Medjugore routes,” said Dr. Slimeno.

“The airport of Umbria is currently the only one of the minor airports in Italy to operate on financial profits. The expected catchment area is initially from the Perugia area with 250,000 passengers per year,” concluded Dr. Solimeno.

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