COVID emergency: Flight from India detained in Rome 1

COVID emergency: Flight from India detained in Rome

  1. Due to the worsening COVID situation in India, travelers arriving at Fuimicino Airport in Rome were subjected to new health measures.
  2. In addition to temperature and swab tests, passengers were sent straight to quarantine centers.
  3. Before being released from the centers, passengers must pass another COVID test with a negative reading.

The health and help system at Fiumicino airport were meticulous as the 214 passengers from India who arrived at 9:30 pm on Air India’s Boeing 787 disembarked. The health personnel measured the temperature of each of the travelers and directed them to a dedicated room at Terminal 5. The airport personnel then carried out the first antigenic swabs at the health stations that were set up immediately upon the plane’s arrival.

All 350 passengers’ bags were sanitized, and there were 9 Red Cross vehicles waiting, including 3 coaches and 6 ambulances, as well as 3 coaches and 3 other smaller army vehicles. The vehicles will take the passengers to 2 facilities in the capital for swab tests and further checks on the possible presence of cases of the India variant of the coronavirus, according to National Civil Protection sources.

In particular, 50 will go to the military citadel of Cecchignola, while the others will go to a COVID-designated hotel. The personnel handling the India passengers held a coordination meeting on the subject with the Lazio Regional Civil Protection.

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