Cutting-edge Jet Propulsion Center Is Launched by the Saudi Minister

The Honorable Engr. The new Jet Propulsion Center ( JPC ) was officially opened in Saudia Technic’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul ( MRO ) Village by Saleh Al-Jasser, Minister of Transport and Logistic Services and Chairman of Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation. Specialized features that maintain airplane engines and their parts are part of this facility. Additionally, he went to a celebration honoring the graduates of the extensive training programme for aircraft maintenance professionals. His Excellency Engr. was present at the occasion. The General Authority of Civil Aviation’s President, His Excellency Abdulaziz Al-Duailej, and Director General of the Saudia Group, Ibrahim Alomar.
The Honorable Engr. The JPC’s establishment, according to Saleh Al-Jasser, “is a major step in our initiatives to promote knowledge exchange, broaden localization efforts, and improve native articles within the transportation and logistics field.” Investment in Saudi skills is crucial because it is a crucial component of the National Aviation Strategy and National Transport and Logistics Strategy. By utilizing cutting-edge methods and reducing energy consumption, this facility in the MRO Village will increase its preservation ability. These actions are consistent with the significant improvements and development seen in the aviation and surroundings transportation sectors of the Kingdom. He continued:
I want to thank His Highness the Crown Prince and the Steward of the Two Holy Mosques for their assistance. May God keep them safe.
Engr. ” Saudia Group is committed to enhancing the translation of the aviation sector by increasing local information and fostering its enhancement,” Ibrahim Al-Omar emphasized. International aircraft manufacturers have come to rely on Saudi Arabia Technic for a variety of aircraft maintenance duties. The JPC has a number of features that improve the business’s standing locally in the aircraft industry. Additionally, the center’s power growth perfectly complements our efforts to increase the pool of skilled national talent capable of managing the facility ‘ specialized technical procedures in accordance with the highest standards worldwide.
It’s important to note that the middle, which has a 12, 230 square meter area, also houses the Test Cell Center, one of the biggest engine testing facilities in the world. This centre has cutting-edge technology to check the most well-known present engines, such as the GE90- 115B engine in the Boeing 777, and you resist engine thrusts of up to 150, 000 pounds. Before installing engines on aviation, it also tests the functionality of the engines and verifies their functional indicators. In the second quarter of 2024, the JPC is anticipated to become completely operational.
42 experts who completed a thorough two-year education program at Saudia Academy in cooperation with the Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in the United States make up the most recent graduating category of aircraft maintenance personnel. Participants in this detailed program received both theoretical and practical training, learning various professional skills such as real engine repairs, testing to make sure they were appropriate, and learning about aircraft structure upkeep and electronic devices.
In order to become a major national provider of aviation maintenance, repair, and reform services, the Public Investment Fund announced its investment in Saudia Technic during the occasion. With the help of this purchase, a million square meter MRO Village will be built to provide various aircraft maintenance services.
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