Czech Airlines Technics expands aircraft service range 1

Czech Airlines Technics expands aircraft service range

Considering the current situation across the aviation industry, Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT) has decided to join forces with FlyTech Aviation Services and expand the range of aircraft maintenance and parking services at several international airports in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The new business initiative targets a very interesting market segment, currently most intensively demanded by airlines, aircraft lessors and manufacturers. A package deal combining aircraft parking options with the provision of high quality maintenance represents a significant competitive advantage. Thanks to the established cooperation and experience, both companies can reach out to more potential customers.

“Aware of the high demand on the market, we have decided to expand our services and, working with FlyTec Aviation Services, offer airlines, aircraft lessors and manufacturers complex maintenance combined with aircraft parking at several airports in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to mutual synergies and experience, we can also provide our customers with technical support, maintenance services, the assistance during aircraft paint jobs and the services of our other specialised departments, Pavel Hales, Chairman of the Czech Airlines Technics Board of Directors, said.

companies can secure for its clients short-term and long-term parking and
additional aircraft maintenance services at Czech or Slovak international
airports, which, thanks to their location, represent an ideal choice for
European and also non-European customers alike. Alongside Václav Havel Airport
Prague, where are located the headquarters and hangars of Czech Airlines
Technics, Košice International Airport, Leos Janacek Ostrava Airport, Airport Karlovy
Vary and Brno Airport are included in the offer. In the event all parking
spaces at the above-listed airports are fully booked, CSAT will negotiate the
extension of the service to other airports. Parking will be offered for various
types of aircraft, i.e. both narrow-body and wide-body. However, the particular
dimensions of the aircraft and the features of parking spaces available at one
of the airports at a given moment will always be a decisive factor.

“Our highly qualified mechanics and engineers will work alongside their home base in Prague at other airports, where they are able to perform the booked aircraft maintenance tasks. All base maintenance checks of narrow-body Boeing 737, Airbus A320 Family and ATR 42/72 aircraft will be performed directly in our hangar located at Václav Havel Airport Prague, where also other CSAT’s technical facilities are available to customers,” Pavel Hales added.

technical checks, including landing-gear, modifications, spare part
replacements, paint repairs of individual components and other related tasks
can be done during the parking period, too. Expert teams located in Prague provide
aircraft lessors and operators with full technical CAMO support within the
segments of Base Maintenance, Landing Gear Overhaul and Aircraft Spare
Part and Component Repairs.  

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