Domestic Flights to Phu Quoc Suspended Following International

Da Nang, You Tho, and Nha Trang flights to Phu Quoc Island have been canceled due to a decline in demand that is portion of an overall tourism problems.
Services from South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kazakhstan, and the Bohemian Republic are still functional and carry about 1,700 people per day despite the suspension of a number of international flights.
A crisis has just affected Phu Quoc, a once-popular tourist destination. High fares, expensive hotels, and ripoffs have all discouraged tourists. Domestic visitors to Phu Quoc have consequently decreased by 50 % over the past three months.
For the approaching Christmas and New Year vacations, resorts on the island have reported that 50 % of their areas are still available.
Last month, Phu Quoc’s commerce officials made a commitment to improve service quality and stop price abuse in an effort to repair the island. Local flights to Phu Quoc are suspended as a result of international travel.