Due to a weapon threat, United FlightDiverted

At 6:05 am, the 202-person plane departed Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and headed for Los Angeles, California. The trip was rerouted, though, and at 7:44 am it touched down at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois.
A cautious haut and a statement that said the aircraft was going to “blow up” were discovered on the aircraft.
Robots, authorities dogs, and airport personnel searched the plane after all of the people had been evacuated and it was parked outside the airport.
Rashad Robinson described the sequence of events in a number of posts on X cultural media:
The other people claimed that one entered the restroom and wrote on the mirror.
We do n’t have a clear plan for getting to LA or back to Newark, and they’re going to search through everyone’s bags.
” We’ve made a last-minute landing in Chicago.” We were compelled to leave everything on the aircraft and are unsure of what will happen next.
” We are being detained on cars about a mile from the major O’Hare airports,” the statement reads.
According to the local news place,” A bomb sniffing dog linked the word to a suspicious bag that was taken out by the police machine, and the customer who checked the bag is already being questioned by government.”
We are confident that all the inspections and searches were conducted and that we are safe as we board the similar aircraft. It has been a lengthy time. The United States team has been friendly and helpful.
SOURCE: Rocket hazard caused United Flight to be diverted, according to eTurboNews.eTN 

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