Eco-activists planning to shut down Heathrow Airport with drone flights

British eco-‘drone activists’ are planning to ground all flights at London’s Heathrow Airport next month.

A drone activist group calling itself Heathrow Pause and described as a splinter of environmental group Extinction Rebellion has warned that on September 13 its members will be flying drones around Heathrow, forcing the grounding of flights as part of a protest at the planned expansion of the airport.

The activists targeting Heathrow say they’ve found a loophole in the rules which means they won’t be doing anything illegal. Essentially, they’ll be flying toy drones at head height within restricted airspace which they believe will force all air traffic to be stopped.

Extinction Rebellion have also been spotted stopping traffic in the center of cities like London, threatening to shut down London Fashion Week, as well as targeting other airports.

The activists justify their protest action by insisting they are raising awareness of climate change, but is there anyone in Britain for example that is not aware of climate change?

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