Enhancements by TSA and DHS at Harry Reid Airport in Las Vegas

At the Innovation Checkpoint, which is located at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, on Wednesday, TSA Administrator David Pekoske and TSA officers, along with US Travel Association representatives and members of the Seamless and Secure Travel Commission, showcased cutting-edge security checkpoint systems.
The commission was established in January to address the alarming findings of a research on the United States ‘ declining global competitiveness. Researchers from the private business are included in the payment, along with former members of the government. Their main goals are to create policy recommendations for the federal government to improve the quality of go, increase competition, and promote nation-wide growth.
The TSA and DHS Science &amp, Technology Directorate had the opportunity to show state-of-the-art advancements that increase transit security and enhance the travel experience during the trip to Las Vegas. Members of the committee had the opportunity to observe the implementation of TSA PreCheck Touchless ID on a United trip during the trip, as well as learn about TSA’s commitment to providing Contactless Identity Verification at ready TSA PreCheck locations in partnership with industry partners United Airlines and Delta Air Lines.
The commission intends to make further field visits in the future months to speak with federal agencies and learn about best practices, challenges, and opportunities for growth in the travel sector. In the middle of this year, the committee will release its record. SOURCE: Innovations by TSA and DHS at the Harry Reid Airport in Las Vegas 

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