eTurboNews NOW LIVE on World Travel Nation Platform 1

eTurboNews NOW LIVE on World Travel Nation Platform

World Travel Nation (WTN) – launched successfully in cooperation with eTurboNews Group another rocket booster – Travel Industry News Feed!

eTurboNews Group, one of the most esteemed News services in the global travel and tourism industry, started the first WTN RSS News Feed.

WTN members now get all the exciting global travel and tourism industry news from the most influential B2B news resources for the travel industry – a multi-daily Tourism B2B Bulletin in the World.

The new online platform World Travel Nation (WTN)  is online since June 2019. WTN bundles varied services and bring is altogether on the online platform. Here, travel and tourism industry professionals from all over the world engage in direct B2B networking; find and maintain opportunities for collaboration. With members from more than 95 countries, WTN already has an extensive, global network of travel and tourism experts.

The WTN online platform combines a host of tourism industry resources

Travel industry professionals and industry partners connect and share their knowledge and experience on World Travel Nation. The online portal offers more than just a list of members and companies. It gives access to a personalized, multifaceted network which helps in the branding of individual WTN members.

World Travel Nation is a global community of travel professionals and the golden alternative to other professional networks. Aiming to become the world’s largest interactive B2B network for the travel and tourism industry, the online portal offers members not only select interline and familiarization trips, but also a digital B2B marketplace for all offers in the tourism industry.

World Travel Nation – a global platform for FAM Trips and discounted industry travel deals & perks 

 Registered members find exclusive industry discounts, travel deals and perks for professionals on World Travel Nation. The target group includes employees of all service providers in the tourism industry, such as travel agencies, tour operators, DMCs, hotels and online travel agencies. Employees from industries like event management will benefit from these special offers as well.

The digital marketplace for travel professionals

 World Travel Nation is not only a community for travel industry professionals. It also offers a digital B2B marketplace on its site. Registered members post and view ads in different categories on a classic, digital bulletin board. These cover everything from B2B offerings or job openings to webinars, tourism events, exchange programs and meet-ups. WTN members have access to all these topics and more and can place their own ads at no additional cost.

Join us on the flight to orbit! Get fresh news on your desk 24 / 7.


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