Executive Board Changes Announced by Lufthansa

Lufthansa Group is now moving into a new stage of business development after successfully overcoming the difficulties brought on by the global coronavirus problems. As part of its continued firm return, this entails reorganizing and realigning its Executive Board. Four existing members of the Board will therefore be leaving during this reform approach.
The terms of office of Harry Hohmeister and Detlef Kayser may run out as scheduled this time. Remco Steenbergen and Christina Foerster will jointly agree to resign from the Executive Board at the same time.
According to Karl-Luis Kley, Chairman of Deutsche Lufthansa AG’s Supervisory Board,” Our Executive Board has done exceptional work in guiding a team through the really difficult phase of the pandemic.” The Lufthansa Group is once again standing currently on a solid business foundation because it has effectively mastered the demanding following ramp-up of our procedures. Our Executive Board and each of its people are deserving of our highest praise and gratitude for this. Additionally, the Supervisory Board wants to thank the Executive Board individuals who will soon be leaving us for their hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the Lufthansa Group in particular.
The Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG has shown remarkable command in navigating the difficult period of the epidemic, according to Karl-Luis Kley, Chairman of Germany’s Supervisory Board. The Lufthansa Group has successfully overcame the following functional ramp-up under their direction, putting the business on a solid foundation.
Each Executive Board member is greatly appreciated and grateful by the Supervisory Board for their devoted service, unwavering dedication, and commitment to the Lufthansa Group. The departing Executive Board members are also given special owing by the Supervisory Board for their efforts to the business.
At its conference on February 22, 2024, the Lufthansa Supervisory Board adopted the following proposals:
With consequence as of July 1, 2024, Grazia Vittadini is appointed to the Executive Board. She may hold the position of Chief Technology Officer, with responsibilities for” Technik and IT” and Sustainability as well. Her mission is for a period of three years.
With effective July 1, 2024, Dieter Vranckx, the current Chairman of Swiss International Air Lines, will also be in charge of” World Industry and Business Wheel Hubs” on the Executive Board. Additionally, his mission is for a three-year time. International Industry and Business Wheel Hubs will replace Customer Experience and Group Brand Management, which are currently a part of the Brand &amp, Sustainability section.
A fresh Chief Financial Officer will be in charge of the Group Finances section. In addition to his current responsibilities as a Board member for the division” Personnel, Logistics &amp, Non-Hub Business” ( previously known as Human Resources and amp, Infrastructure ), Michael Niggemann will hold the position of interim CFO until the appointment.
Dieter Vranckx may succeed Remco Steenbergen, who will retire from the Executive Board and give up his duties, when he moves to Frankfurt and assumes the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors at Swiss International Air Lines.
According to Karl- Ludwig Kley, president of the Lufthansa Supervisory Board,” The challenges currently facing our economy and our Group may be different from those in previous decades, but they are no less substantial.”
Compared to challenges they faced in past times, the present challenges facing both the business and the Group may be different. Karl- Ludwig Kley, the president of the Lufthansa Supervisory Board, said that their size is still very important.
” With renewed vigor and a new Executive Board staff that combines even more global experience and an even wider range of viewpoints and perspectives, we aim to meet and learn them.” The strongest collaboration approach is now more important than ever for our relationships with our clients, investors, and partners, as well as our collaborations within the Lufthansa Group. Karl- Ludwig Kley continued,” And this, also, we both expect and anticipate from our fresh Executive Board. Lufthansa Announces Executive Board Changes via: eTurboNews | ETN 

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