FAA: Exciting opportunity for the drone business community

The FAA has an exciting opportunity for the drone business community.

The FAA’s new application period for UAS Service Suppliers to provide LAANC services is open! Potential UAS Service Suppliers must submit an application by May 16. The entire process will take five months. Specific application instructions are available in section five of the USS onboarding document.

LAANC offers industry the opportunity to work with the FAA as we develop a UAS traffic management system (UTM). A safe UTM system requires collaboration between the government and industry.

LAANC automates a previously manual system to obtain an airspace authorization under the Small UAS rule, Part 107. Companies approved to provide LAANC services and near real-time authorizations are “Approved UAS Service Suppliers (USS).”

Important information for applicants:

• Applicants should have a mature product at the time of application or have the capability to develop it before formal onboarding. Information about which data streams applicants must use is available in the USS Operating Rules (PDF).

• The LAANC capability is in a test phase. Prospective applicants should expect changes to the application process and requirements. To stay informed, sign up for LAANC-related updates.

• This is not a standard government acquisition. There is no Screening Information Request (SIR) or Request for Proposal (RFP) related to this effort.