FAA seeks public comments on Boeing 737 MAX Master Minimum Equipment List

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) posted a revised Boeing 737 MAX Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) today for a 30-day public comment period. An MMEL is a master list of aircraft items that may be inoperative under certain operational conditions, while maintaining the safe operation of the aircraft. The agency seeks comment any time an item is added to or deleted from any MMEL.

Additionally, because Boeing 737 MAX shares certain common systems with Boeing 737 NG, the FAA posted an updated MMEL for comment on that aircraft as well.

FAA has not completed its review of the 737 MAX aircraft design changes and associated pilot training. The agency will not approve the aircraft for return to service until it has successfully completed rigorous testing. The FAA is focused on making sure the aircraft is safe; there is no predetermined timeline for return to service.
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