Faces behind Voices: An Interactive Exhibit Puts Faces on Germany’s Top Film Dubbing Artists

Faces behind Voices: An Interactive Exhibit Puts Faces on Germany’s Top Film Dubbing Artists

Most people have a clear mental image to go with many famous voices. For example, the tuxedo-clad secret agent with blond hair and blue eyes who works for Her Majesty: Daniel Craig. Not many are likely to associate it with Dietmar Wunder, a bald-headed, white-bearded German actor and accomplished dubbing artist. Yet he regularly lends his sonorous voice to Craig and many other Hollywood stars.

On March 15, an interactive exhibition featuring him and other “Faces Behind the Voices” will open at Frankfurt Airport on Level 4 of Terminal 2 (near the SkyLine people mover station). It will acquaint visitors with the people behind the voices that German moviegoers associate with the faces of major actors. This traveling exhibition, initiated by Berlin-based photograph Marco Justus Schöler, portrays 30 of Germany’s best-known dubbing artists, all of them with a neutral expression and dress. This makes sense, since their voices are all that they actually project – and virtually everyone in German-speaking countries is familiar with them. Each of the pictures is enriched by an audio recording of the artist’s voice, including original film lines, anecdotes and little audiovisual puzzles.

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Frankfurt has the honor of being the first airport to host “Faces Behind the Voices”. Last year the exhibit toured 20 different German train stations. With this latest cultural offering, Frankfurt Airport is continuing to pursue its goal of delighting travelers and guests with unusual offerings to keep them entertained during their stay.

The airport’s operator, Fraport, is commited to meeting the needs and wishes of individual travelers and visitors in keeping with its slogan, “Gute Reise! We make it happen”. It continually develops and implements new services and facilities to keep taking the customer experience at Germany’s foremost transportation hub to new levels of enjoyment and convenience.

For detailed information on the many services offered at Frankfurt Airport, you’re invited to visit the airport website, the Service Shop, or its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube page.

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