First Lifecycle Services Center is opened by Airbus in China.

In order to offer comprehensive aircraft lifecycle management solutions, Airbus announced that it had opened a new airbus Lifecycle Services Center ( ALSC ) in Chengdu, China. The service, which is the first of its kind, provides a one-stop shop for numerous aircraft services, including park, storeroom, maintenance, upgrades, conversions, dismantling, recycling, and managed used part distribution.
Both the Civil Aviation Administration of China ( CAAC ) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency ( EASA ) have granted certifications to the Chengdu-based Airbus Lifecycle Services Center.
The capital of Chengdu, Tarmac Aerosave, and the Airbus business Satair have joined forces to form the Aerobus Lifecycle Services Center. Over 15 years of experience in effective plane store, destroying, and reuse have been accumulated by Tarmac Aerosave. The Airbus company Satair, which offers complete lifecycle services, likely handle the merger, trade, and distribution of used aircraft parts in the same center. After storage and updates by the joint venture, about 75 % of the airplane stored in the middle are anticipated to resume service. The special Tarmac Aerosave method, which recovers about 90 % of the aircraft’s pounds, will be used on the remaining plane.
Up to 125 plane can be accommodated at the 717, 000 sq meter new Airbus Lifecycle Services Center. The facility will eventually expand its operations and hire a maximum of 150 employees from this point until 2025. LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) certification of the site’s main structures is a first step toward reducing the economic effects of operations at the ALSC center.
Airbus opens its primary bicycle service facility in China, according to eTurboNews.eTN 

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