Foreign airline is barred from the A400M at the Singapore Airshow.

Following information that guests from China and Russia were prohibited from boarding a Luftwaffe Airbus A400M military transport plane during the 2024 Singapore Airshow, European aerospace large Airbus has officially apologized.
Many complaints on social media claim that Chinese military personnel prevented several Chinese visitors from board the German air force plane during the day of the airshow.
A Chinese display customer shared a picture in which the person at the A400M access asked to verify the aircraft’s ethnicity because it was a German aircraft. She mentioned that it is against Chinese and Russian citizens to board the plane. Additionally, the visitor reported that European police pursued him after they learned he was Chinese.
Another alleged that he was physically attacked by Germans, prompting him to lodge a formal complaint with the administrators of the air show, citing “discrimination against Chinese people.” Foreign citizens reportedly had the right to board military aircraft from other countries.
Airbus acknowledged that tourists had concerns about exposure to their aircraft in a statement. They kept in touch with the client and their Airbus groups right away to make sure everyone at the event had access to the aircraft.
Airbus emphasized its commitment to establishing communication channels between China and Europe and pursuing socially beneficial cooperation with the Foreign aircraft industry.
In recent years, Airbus has seized a larger share of the customer aviation market, largely because Boeing, its American rival, has experienced a number of manufacturing issues that pose potential risks. In Indonesia and Ethiopia in 2018 and 2019, the Boeing 737 MAX 8 experienced machine malfunctions, which caused fatal injuries. In consequence, several commercial aircraft were put out of services for nearly two years. Following an incident last month where an Arctic Airlines flight experienced an in-flight blow, US government also placed a generation restriction on the 737 MAX 9 design.
Beijing’s alleged extortion and monitoring of northern defense technology has long sparked complaints in Brussels and Washington. Huawei’s products may contain backdoors that transmit sensitive American data to the Chinese government, as the US has pressed the UK and EU governments to do. No proof of the alleged skills has been made available to date.
Concerns about Beijing’s frequent extortion and copying of American military systems have been raised by the European Union and the United States of America. The US is also urging the UK and the EU to outlaw Huawei from using its 5G equipment because they fear Huawei’s equipment might have hidden access points that may allow the Chinese government to access sensitive American data. SOURCE: Chinese Airbus A400M Disqualified from SingaporeAirshow 

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