France: As Lightning Struck Tower, Planes Canceled in Brest Airport

A lightening strike at a French local airport in Brittany caused significant damage to the manage tower, which caused widespread disruption and flight cancellations. Storm Geraldine struck Restret Airport, which resulted in the withdrawal of all domestic and international service on Saturday night.
The aircraft anticipates the restart of services solely on Thursday, January 4th, after originally hoping to resume operations by Tuesday night.
Service de Navigation aérienne ( SNA ) was in charge of making repairs, which caused a delay in the restoration process because it reportedly lacked technicians over the New Year’s holiday weekend.
The injury was worse than initially thought, despite the fact that repairs were started on Tuesday.
The aircraft announced on Thursday night that the Brest Air Navigation Service might reopen to handle business prospects for the last weekend of college holidays, retracting earlier assurances of possibly limited resumes by Tuesday afternoon.
Before arriving at the airport, passengers have been advised to immediately verify their vacation plans with their flights.
The airport’s protracted closing highlights the effect of unanticipated natural occasions on critical infrastructure and air travel, highlighting the need for quick and efficient rebuild solutions.
Airlines Canceled in Brest Airport As Lightning Struck Tower SOURCE: France 

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