Fraport Conference Center at Frankfurt Airport reopens with new name and fresh look and feel

The conference center at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) boasts a unique location at one of the world’s largest air transportation hubs. Situated just a short walk from FRA’s Terminal 1, the facility has been providing high-quality services for some 30 years. Today, Nadja Singh heads up a team of professionals that serve and support up to 60,000 guests annually. Previously known as Airport Conference Center, the facility has now been renamed Fraport Conference Center.

The change of title followed an extensive refurbishment and upgrade program. A total of 31 rooms with a combined floor space of 2,800 square meters are now available for meetings and other events. The Fraport Conference Center provides the ideal environment for practically any business get-together, whether for just two attendees or 150.

The rooms are equipped with the very latest conference and presentation systems and boast a fresh look-and-feel. The design make-over forges visual links between the conference center and the fascinating world of aviation. As Nadja Singh explains: “Imagine you’re onboard an aircraft, and you take a look out of the window. You see the world far below, with four key elements: water, land, major conurbations and the sky. The appearance of our conference rooms takes its inspiration from these elements.”

Two open-plan lounges plus a coffee bar help create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere at the heart of the center. A further new feature is the gallery in the entrance area, providing extra space for large-scale events. These additions offer an attractive way to take a break from the more business-like ambience of the conference rooms, allowing attendees to stay close to the action while enjoying a coffee, lunch, dinner or a chat with other guests. For food and refreshments, the Fraport Conference Center has joined forces with a new partner: BUMB Junior Finest Catering.

In addition to the facility’s architectural refurbishment, the Fraport Conference Center has introduced a new room booking system. Nadja Singh explains: “Our overriding goal is to enable our guests to focus on the event itself. We look after everything else.” With this aim in mind, rooms are now available for attractive predefined daily and hourly room rates that keep the effort associated with booking to a minimum. These correspond to many customers’ preferences. “At the same time, we are very willing to accommodate exceptional requests. A guest should feel welcome and at ease from start to finish. Only then is a meeting a positive experience for everyone. And that is exactly what we are striving for.”

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