Garuda Indonesia flies to Doha to taste the coffee in Qatar.

Qatar Airways does n’t have the equipment to expand on well-known flight routes like the one from Doha to Jakarta, so it has been looking at potential codeshare partners to cover a portion of the connecting route via codesharing.
It happened with American Airlines from Doha to New York and now with Garuda Indonesia, another five-star flight, as an ally partner.
Nevertheless, American Airlines stopped operating flights to Doha and is now only offering the course as a codeshare with Qatar Airways plane. According to eTurboNews, Qatar Airways made money and was able to supply more passengers through its active and powerful hub in Doha while AA lost income on the route.
On the other hand, this is fantastic reports for Indonesia’s domestic business travel and tourism industry. Jakarta has been positioned as a gateway to many emerging commerce and enterprise markets for Indonesia as Indonesia has worked hard to regain its entrance number.
More people will be able to get Indonesia’s fresh goal of expanding health and medical hospitality.
Garuda Indonesia has a” 5- Star Airline” for the next consecutive time.
The global community of Garuda Indonesia is small. With Doha serving as a supporting hub, such an arrangement to pull into the vast community Qatar Airways brings to the table may make Indonesia even more accessible to visitors from Europe, India, Russia, and North and South America.
Additionally, it might encourage more people to visit Doha’s Five Star Hotels, museums, shopping malls, restaurants, and, of course, the numerous chic coffee and smoking spots, like Toby Estate, which is located across the street from the Park Hyatt Hotel.
Garuda Indonesia, a codeshare partner of Qatar Airways, is now trying it out and has announced that its daily direct flight between Jakarta ( CGK) and Doha ( DOH) will begin on April 4, 2024, with ticket sales beginning on February 6th.
The brand-new Boeing B777- 300 plane will be used for the novel daily direct flight in a dual-class configuration, with 26 high-end seats for Business Class and 367 for Economy Class.
The start of solutions from Jakarta to Doha represents the close diplomatic ties between Qatar and Indonesia, which are intended to strengthen their financial assistance.
Additionally, it encourages advantages in the hospitality and aerospace industries, such as improved trade flows and business ties. The regular trip to Doha will help to meet the rising demand for direct flights between Jakarta and the city and give travelers more options.
Buyers of the Indonesian flag carrier can now obtain Qatar Airways ‘ network of more than 170 destinations, including towns in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, by taking the new way, which extends beyond Doha. Additionally, this will give Qatar Airways passengers also more travel options for smooth connectivity to exotic Indonesian locations.
Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways Group, Engr. ” Qatar Airways welcomes Garuda’s release of its daily flight from Jakarta to Doha,” said Badr Mohammed Al-Meer. One of our most significant areas in the Qatar Airways international community is Indonesia, which has a lot of potential. In response to rising go desire, Qatar Airways and Garuda Indonesia now offer an unmatched level of service, which will increase traveling between the two nations.
Irfan Setiaputra, the president and CEO of Garuda Indonesia, said,” We are quite happy to be able to increase Doha to our considerable global community.
We believe that this new company will further strengthen the enterprise, commerce, and social ties between Indonesia and Qatar while facilitating travel from Qatar to Indonesia, which is currently one of the fastest-growing financial centers in the world.
With a suitable gate to the biggest city and economic center in the Gulf region, this new route for Garuda Indonesia, the country’s national flag carrier, gives our passengers leaving Jakarta, its main hub, another significant milestone. As the main doorway to Indonesia’s wild places, this direct flight between Jakarta and Doha is also anticipated to draw Qatari visitors to explore another popular tourist destinations from Jakarta.
Presently, Qatar Airways operates three regular flights to Jakarta and Bali, and it just recently started operating three flights per week to Medan. Passengers will gain from smooth connections between the combined networks thanks to the new Garuda journey and codeshare relationship.
Schedule for a journey from Garuda Indonesia to Doha:
daily ( all local time )
Flight No. 1 from Jakarta ( CGK) to Doha ( DOH) GA900: Arrival 23 :00, Departure 18: 20.
Flight No. 1 from Doha ( DOH) to Jakarta ( CGK) Garuda Indonesia flies to Doha, according to GA901: Departure 02:25; Arrival 14:55; SOURCE: Smell the Coffee in Qatar; http ://eTurboNews| eTN 

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