Global protest over United Airlines staff cuts

From Honolulu to Tokyo, to London and Washington DC, United Airlines flight attendants are protesting staff cuts at airports all around the world today at 16 airports around the globe.

The flight attendants want management to not only stop planned cuts but to increase staffing. They are also demanding that United fix payroll issues and ensure that hotels are available for them when there are irregular operations and severe weather.

Picketers were seen carrying signs that read:

  • We’re an airline, not a hedge fund
  • Fewer jobs – less service
  • Profits over people
  • Staffing cuts affect safety and service
  • Sick of getting cored

Other protests took place at airports in Frankfurt, Germany; San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; and Newark, New Jersey, along with seven other locations around the world.

Contract negotiations will begin again next year, and if this issue isn’t resolved, more picketing could take place said Kailua-based LEC President of United Airlines Council 14 Kevin Batey.

According to United Airlines, these protests should not affect any flights, however, passengers are encouraged to check their flight status before heading to the airport.