Global Rescue: More Than Travel Insurance

We live in a dangerous world and what could be worse than a medical emergency in an unknown place? Although it’s not pleasant to think about, who would you call if you or a family member had a heart attack or a broken leg while traveling?

A travel emergency isn’t the time to find out your travel insurance isn’t what you thought.

Most travel insurance providers contract with third-party services and it can be difficult or impossible to get the expert support needed in a crisis. While some travel insurance agencies offer help centers and emergency call lines, customers are often left to not only find an evacuation provider but pay for it too. Talk directly to Global Rescue on the first call, not a help center.

Travel insurance and medical evacuation services are not the same things. Medical evacuation coverage is not just another name for travel insurance. While travel insurance is designed to protect you from financial loss, Global Rescue’s medical evacuation services are designed to prevent physical loss.

In a worst-case situation, Global Rescue services include field rescue and evacuation from the exact point of your illness or injury to ultimately get you to your home hospital of choice rather than just the nearest appropriate hospital. Global Rescue’s in-house operations teams can also travel to your bedside to help oversee your care and continue coordination of your evacuation.

Global Rescue memberships include personalized medical and security advisory in addition to evacuation services. Real-time alerts keep members up to date on health and security events worldwide. Global Rescue members also have access to detailed destination reports for hundreds of countries, including pre-trip travel advice, entry requirements and information related to recommended immunizations.

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