Hahn Air welcomes eight new airline partners

Hahn Air, the German airline and distribution specialist, announced the integration of eight additional airlines into its global network of more than 350 air, rail and shuttle companies in the second quarter of 2019. The new additions bring the total number of new partners for this year up to 22.

Six of the newly integrated partners are expanding their distribution reach by using the Hahn Air product HR-169 and thereby making their flights available to travel agents on the Hahn Air HR-169 ticket. The following airlines can now be issued under their own two-letter-codes in selected GDSs: Air Greenland (GL), Air North (4N) from Canada, Cyprus Airways (CY), the Chinese carrier Donghai Airlines (DZ), the Russian airline Nordwind Airlines (N4) and MyWay Airlines (ML) from Georgia.

In addition, Neos Airlines (NO) from Italy and Lao Skyway (LK) from Laos became new H1-Air partners of Hahn Air’s sister company Hahn Air Systems. Their flights can therefore be booked by 100.000 travel agents in 190 markets in all major GDSs under the designator H1 and be issued on the HR-169 ticket.

“We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our ticketing business this year”, says Steve Knackstedt, Vice President of the Airline Business Group at Hahn Air. “Our partner portfolio has grown from five to more than 350 partners since 1999 and we have continuously developed our distribution services. Today, we offer airlines of any size and any business model tailor-made solutions for all their distribution needs.”

“By forming an HR-169 agreement with Hahn Air, airlines that have already at least one GDS agreement in place can unlock secondary markets for indirect ticket sales. Airlines without GDS connections can outsource their complete indirect distribution to Hahn Air Systems and make their flights available under the code H1 in all major GDSs. And finally, airlines that are looking for a sophisticated and truly global distribution strategy can combine the two solutions by forming a Dual Partnership with Hahn Air. Thereby they can strategically close distribution gaps with H1-Air, while building on the potential of primary and secondary markets with HR-169.”

All new partners on the HR-169 ticket in 2019 YTD:

New HR-169 partners

• Air Greenland (GL), Greenland
• Air North (4N), Canada
• Cyprus Airways (CY), Cyprus
• Donghai Airlines (DZ), China
• MyWay Airlines (MJ), Georgia
• Nok Air (DD), Thailand
• Nordwind Airlines (N4), Russia
• Precision Air (PW), Tanzania

New H1-Air partners

• AB Aviation (Y6), Comoros Islands
• Air KBZ (K7), Myanmar
• Eastafrican (formerly FlySAX) (B5), Kenya
• Flair Airlines (F8), Canada
• Five Forty Aviation (5H), Kenya
• Chair Airlines (GM), Switzerland
• JC Cambodia Airlines (QD), Cambodia
• On behalf of President Travel & Tours, Nepal Skyway CR (LC), Costa Rica
o Himalaya Airlines (H9)
o Shree Airlines (N9)
o Buddha Air (U4)
o Yeti Airlines (YT)
• Skyway CR (LC), Costa Rica
• Neos Airlines (NO), Italy
• Lao Skyway (LK), Laos