Honolulu flights to Lanai and Molokai will continue

Hawaiian Airlines today announced it will continue to provide ‘Ohana by Hawaiian passenger flights between Honolulu and both Moloka‘i and Lāna‘i through at least mid-January 2021.

Earlier this month Hawaiian announced the need to suspend both routes on November 1. Pandemic-induced low travel demand triggered a provision in Hawaiian’s pilot contract restricting the carrier’s ability to provide ‘Ohana by Hawaiian service. However, the U.S. Department of Transportation has indicated to Hawaiian that, in spite of the contractual restrictions, the communities of Moloka‘i and Lāna‘i remain covered under its Essential Air Service (EAS) program and flights must be maintained at a minimum for the 90-day notice period required under that program.

Despite unprecedented challenges, Hawaiian has indicated that its goal has always been to avoid a service interruption, and the company will comply with the EAS requirements to continue to serve Moloka‘i and Lāna‘i as it continues exploring long-term solutions to preserve critical connectivity for both islands.

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