Horrified passengers watch plane’s engine burn during emergency landing in Russia

Airline passenger on a Russia’s Red Wings flight from Ufa to Sochi has shared the chilling footage of the emergency landing of the Tu-204 jet with 202 people on board, which was forced to make a U-turn just after takeoff, due to an engine fire.
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Just minutes after Red Wings flight 808 took off from Ufa airport at 5:06 am on its way to the resort city of Sochi, the jet’s left engine ignited during the ascent. The captain requested an immediate emergency landing. While the left engine was spitting out sparks, one of passengers on board captured the dramatic footage.
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Luckily some 16 minutes after taking off the airliner managed to land safely back at Ufa where the emergency crews safely escorted all 202 passengers out of the plane. No one was injured during the incident, the airport confirmed. The travelers are now receiving help from psychologists while technicians are checking the airplane. Ufa airport remains open.










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