Iberia and British Airways Achieve Highest Certification Status

Iberia airline and British Airways (BA), both part of the International Airlines Group (IAG), have achieved NDC Certification [email protected] status. This is the highest certification level that IATA provides to airlines on the NDC standard based on a set of criteria that attest to the full ability to manage transaction volumes NDC, as well as guaranteeing advanced assistance to B2B h24.

There are more than 4,000 travel agencies connected to NDC, and Iberia and BA airlines continue to develop specific content to grow on this protocol. Among the next moves will be the extension to connections to North America with triple price points compared to the legacy distribution and the completion of the operation on all routes by 2020.

Cliff Trotta, Iberia’s head of commercial distribution and planning, said: “Last month’s IATA level 4 certification was exclusively about support. @Scale is much more than the ability to exchange messages. It makes sense to invest in NDC, and we are committed to moving faster on this front.”

“The @Scale certification testifies to the work we have done to improve our distribution offer for customers. With exclusive content and an extra range of services available through an NDC connection, we encourage agents to consider how we can work with them to meet their needs through our offering,” added Ian Luck, British Airways’ head of distribution.