Iberia Lands in Qatar With New Madrid to Doha Flight

Now, the first direct flight from Madrid, Spain to Doha, Qatar, bound for Iberia touched down at Hamad International Airport. Hamad International Airport ( DOH)’s status as a global gateway is strengthened by this new service. The regular flights offered by Iberia are a supplement to Qatar Airways ‘ current two flights per day between the cash cities of Spain and Qatar, as well as the three flights between Barcelona and Doha.
These expanded service show a dedication to the Spanish market and help Qatar Airways’, British Airways, and Iberia’s joint venture to grow the largest airport combined company in the world.
As corporate partners, Madrid, London, and Doha offer unmatched access to more than 200 locations in Africa, Asia, Australasia, the Middle East. Passengers can travel more quickly thanks to the smooth transfers provided by these hubs. The broad system enables quick and reliable itineraries for all travelers, whether your trip takes you from Madrid to Bali, Sydney to Ibiza, Lisbon to Maputo, or Doha to Malaga.
By taking advantage of exceptional stay packages in Qatar, travelers have the chance to turn a second trip into two distinct experiences. People who have stops of at least four hours or perhaps overnight stays ranging from one to four times can take advantage of these packages ‘ tours.
Members of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club, Iberia Plus, and British Airways Executive Club are eligible to obtain and utilize Avios, a shared currency, for travel between the partnership’s three carriers. SOURCE: Iberia land in Qatar, followed by a flight from New Madrid to Doha.